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Sobre vinculação e neuro-fisiologia (levantar a ponta do véu)

«When we had just met, they didn’t expect anything of me. Now they expect everything. It’s utterly exhausting. It’s endlessly frustrating. It’s infinitely gratifying.
Yes, gratifying. I find myself thinking: I did that! I made you trust me, with my manipulative mothering ways! and then I want to do a little victory dance around the living room. And okay, sometimes I close the curtains and succumb. I’m not ashamed at all of feeling thrilled about this. It’s not about making us feel like a real family, and it’s not just about warm fuzzy feelings. Secure attachment is about brain chemistry, and parental responsibilities don’t get much bigger than keeping your child’s neurochemistry somewhere within the normal range. A securely attached child sees the world as an essentially safe place, and starting life without that makes everything – everything – harder.»


Claudia Chapman in Hypothetical Future Baby - An Unsentimental Adoption Memoir

autora do blog my fascinating life

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Periodicamente, tentaremos partilhar livros que vamos lendo. Começamos com esta semana de excertos diários do "nosso primeiro livro sobre adopção".

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