quarta-feira, 20 de janeiro de 2016

e um pouco de filosofia... perdão, de um filósofo

«Example number two: my fingernails, which are long because I don't cut them. At the end of your letter you say my worker's jacket (it's actually a peasant's jacket) is like Marilyn Monroe's pleated bodice and my fingernails are like Greta Garbo's dark glasses. And you shower me with ironic and spiteful advice. As you mention them several times, my fingernails, let's consider them. One might say that my mother used to cut them for me and it's to do with the Oedipus complex and castration (a ridiculous interpretation but a psychoanalytical one) . One might also note, looking at my fingertips, that I haven't got the normal protective whorls, so that touching anything, especially fabric, causes such irritation that I need long nails to protect them (a teratological, selectionist interpretation).O r one might say, and it's true, that I dream of being, not invisible, but imperceptible, and the closest I can get to the dream is having fingernails I can keep in my pockets, so I find nothing more disconcerting than somebody looking at them (a social psychologist's interpretation) . One might, finally, say: "You mustn't bite your fingernails, because they're part of you; if you like fingernails, bite other people's if you want to and get the chance " (a Darien-style2 political interpretation) . But you, you choose the shabbiest interpretation of all: he wants to be different, wants to do a Garbo. It's strange, anyway, how none of my friends have ever commented on my nails, finding them perfectly natural, as though they'd just landed there like seeds blown in the wind that nobody bothers mentioning.»

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